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2018 top wedding trends

2018 top wedding trends

Ultra Violet may be the color of the year, but you surely want to mix it with other elements for your special day! With 2018 wedding season about to begin, it’s time to dive into some new, fabulous and unique wedding trends. Couples come to me usually looking for something less traditional and more unconventional for their wedding theme for their wedding day so let’s see the latest trends, as depicted in international fairs and popular blogs.

  1. Crystal elegance & mirrors

Crystal accessories and candelabras can achieve an oh-so-romantic, out-of-this era result. With flowers and candlelight reflecting on the mirrors, the scenery turns magical. If you like ‘fairytale-romantic’ and ‘sparkling’ this is the way to go! Dare: mirrored table tops!

wedding decoration

  1. Metallics & marbles

Maybe not brand new, coming from last year, metallic hues are IT again! Small accents and accessories in golden, bronze, silver or copper bring the extra sparkle you want in  your wedding tablescape. May come in dinnerware too, charger plates, napkin rings, even candle holders. Mix with natural materials such as stone and marble to contrast and bring it down to a more modern and not so soft outcome.

wedding planning decoration

  1. Food displays

Always a big fan of this trend, dessert tables mixed with savory delights can instantly depict the theme of your wedding. Different from venue’s dessert buffet, highly stylized and customized according to wedding theme and colors can be unpretentious, while guests help themselves with the treats. Usually set close to dance-floor and combined with a guests’ wish book, fun comes natural!

candy bar

  1. Outdoor space

Living in a Mediterranean country such as Greece, outdoor is the only way to go. From island beach-bars to rooftops with a view, garden venues and wineries, these are the ideal settings for more and more couples. With Summer being the prime wedding season, outdoor spaces provide the most beautiful background for memorable pictures.

outdoor wedding

  1. Greenery

While flowers always play an important role in weddings, greenery and natural foliage are picking up. They are budget-friendly, plus they look super fresh, natural and organic. Either a long leafy garland, woody moss or cascading foliage green is the way to go!

greenery foliage wedding

So which one would you choose for your wedding?




*images found on Pinterest, by me & by associate photographers:

Yannis Paschalis

George Pahountis

Pantelis Marlagoutsos

Elias Kordelakos

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