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2021 wedding trends

2021 wedding trends

Around this time of year, we always write about new year’s wedding trends.

After a year of restrictions and lock-downs, we can only hope for better days and a brighter future for weddings. 2021 weddings are upon us and it’s about time to adopt a more creative and considerate approach that will still sweep you and your guests off your feet!

Are you ready to plan a COVID-19-safe, yet stylish wedding? 

This is our top 11 wedding trends list for 2021:

1. Micro weddings. There has been a lot of talking about micro weddings last year and they are still on the table for 2021. Although for most Greeks a traditional ‘big fat wedding’ is always a major issue, it seems like couples put their guest’ safety first and decide on a more intimate wedding day with close family and friends. Isn’t it better to enjoy your big day with loved ones, rather than throw an impersonal big celebration with long forgotten relatives?

Photo credits: Les Anangnou

2. This brings on another issue: quality over quantity. This could translate into more attention to detail, investing in all the things that can have a big effect on your wedding day, like custom food experiences with sophisticated art de la table, instead of long, traditional wedding buffets- elaborate centerpieces and decoration focusing on creating a distinctive atmosphere- investment in photographers/videographers that will forever capture your big moment.

3. Outdoor weddings are a thing! Thank God Greece has the right kind of weather for this one almost all year round! Whether at a sea-side venue, an evergreen garden or backyard or an urban roof top, we are about to practice the outdoor experience. Top it off with creative luxury tents and eclectic lighting.

Want to find out more about a backyard wedding? Follow the link & read on this article by Isabella Caprario -> https://porch.com/advice/ultimate-guide-planning-backyard-wedding

4. Retro inspired hues are in! Think of warm tones of mustards, terracotta, and blush pink, this color combo is more than we ever wished for an earthy, cozy and cheerful outcome.

Photo found on https://modernloveevent.com/

5. Bold wedding dresses & statement accessories. After about a year in the house, cooped up with sweats and pajamas, brides are ready to shake off the casual style and make a wedding gown statement with bold patterns and fashionable cuts. Never forget to spice it up with elaborate accessories!

6. Dried flowers. Our florists are ready to make a statement too, mixing dried with fresh flowers. Bold colored flowers are also popular, so we love to propose creative installations, while exploring unique ways to make your decorations stand out!

7. Eco-friendly weddings. We have always been supportive of this trend! As our couples tend to be cautious about food waste, we also propose renting accessories and choosing multi-used decorative items, avoiding plastic and investing in sustainable favors and decoration that can also be used after the wedding. Home décor in weddings is also a trend, so any items that you could use at your home afterwards will help you be creative instead of wasteful.

Photo found on Pinterest

8. Customized face masks. Since we won’t be able to get rid of this accessory this year, we might as well have fun with it! Pamper your guests with handmade, personalized masks inspired by your wedding theme or monograms.

9. Pantone color of the year. Let’s not forget this cheerful color combination that celebrates life and love. Here’s to the bolder couples that might consider PANTONE 17-5104 Ultimate Gray + PANTONE 13-0647 Illuminating Yellow. As Pantone puts it: ‘A marriage of color conveying a message of strength and hopefulness that is both enduring and uplifting.’ Can you think of a better quote for your new marriage life?

Photo found on Pinterest

10. Live music and creative entertainment. Oh, we’ve missed this experience so much! Remember when we used to go out and listen to live music? Couples can spice up their entertainment with small duos or trios or more uplifting bands and interactive experiences that will give that nice concert vibe to your event.

11. Extended celebrations. With smaller group of guests, couples will love to turn their wedding into a travel experience and create a weekend event for their group of favorite people. Everybody loves a weekend getaway and Greece has so many destination options!

Leave us a message if you think you’ve found your favorite wedding trend!



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