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Beach wedding

Beach wedding

This summer might be different, but we are still in Greece and we love beach weddings! We love sandy beaches, clear waters and leisure days! So since ‘Greek summer is a state of mind’ why not go for an unpretentious wedding on the beach?

Choose a wave inspired color palette, with turquoise, light blue, even blush hues for the ultimate beach wedding!

Design sea-foam or clear water inspired invitations.

Mix exotic coral-like flowers to your bridal bouquet and your centerpieces.

Calligraphy clams and sea shell place cards go great with sea-glass, customized surf-boards or pebbles table numbers.

A Tiki bar or a surf-board welcome sign can bring an exotic sense or even become an unforgettable photo-backdrop.

Decorate the tables with airy fabrics, corals, sea shells and urchins. Mix succulents, weathered wood and sea glass for a total beach look and create ceremony pergolas with hanging flowers and shell ornaments on the beach. Sandy beaches can be great ground for sticking cane and weathered wood structures decorated with flowers.

Create beach lounge corners with straw carpets, cane furniture and puffy floor pillows. Lighting is important, gives the romantic feel of long summer nights, either a fairy light sky overhead or torches and lanterns on the beach to define a sandy aisle, the sea shore or an elevated deck.

Make special gifts for your guests like mini compasses, beach towels, summer pochette or candle-filled sea shells. Hand them clam-fans and flip flops for dancing on the sand.

Go for a ruffle cake with mother-of-pearl details.

Ready for an unforgettable beach wedding?

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