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Inspiring invitations

Inspiring invitations

Invitations are the first impression your guests get of your wedding.

This is the reason we give our best to design the primary scheme that will provide inspiration for the general decoration of your wedding, while adding to the coherent outcome we always love when we see the big picture.

I’d like to share something more personal from my wedding design experience…My couples usually confide that they cannot imagine the invitation they’d like. That’s ok, because this is our job! We are here to envision your invitations according to the style you’d like or imagine for your wedding and provide some design options that will match your theme. So no worries, just tell us the style you like, favorite colors would help too- and we’ll be sharing some ideas to help you decide!

For every style you choose for your wedding, there is always the appropriate invitation to prepare your guests for your wedding theme. Rustic-chic, romantic, summery, modern or glam your wedding invitations will become the inspiration for a fantastic wedding setup!

Rustic chic
Rustic chic – Photo by https://nikosmylonas.gr/
Rustic chic
Rustic chic
Glam & elegant
Simply chic – Photo by https://www.kossieris.gr/
Crystal clear & glam – Photo on the left http://www.yannispaschalis.gr/ | Photo on the right https://pantelisforweddings.gr/
Crystal clear & floral
Greek island – Summer inspired
Greek island – Summer inspired – Photo by https://sotiristsakanikas.com/


Have fun choosing your style!



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