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About Project

Athena’s birthday party was inspired by this famous fairy tale- ‘Alice in Wonderland’!

Alice in Wonderland is one of the most popular but at the same time completely bizarre and full of surprises fairy tale not only amongst children but also adults. Lewis Carrol plays with logic when Alice falls through a rabbit hole into a fantasy world populated by bizarre creatures. Some still search the deeper meaning, some say it represents progression from childhood to adulthood, some say it’s just ‘a piece of joyful nonsense’.

So here we are designing an absolutely mad themed party for a 7-year-old girl! Daydreaming Alice wanders in Wonderland in vivid colors and bold patterns so we too tried to follow the same rout! Choosing a vivid color pallet of reds and greens, toned down by a minty-light blue checkered pattern, we crafted a very special and whimsical, book-like invitation with clock inside indicating the exact party time!

The party adventure started by entering the space through an impressive keyhole balloon structure full of cloud-like smoke effect. The ceiling was filled with giant balloons, bubbles floating in the air, while a green path leading outdoors was decorated with mushrooms, giant flowers and clocks. Next to Mad-Hatter, Cheshire Cat & Alice real size figures an impressive candy bar with teapot cake and delicious sweets designed on concept welcomed all guests! Dressed up animators encouraged kids to dance, sing, play and let their imagination wild.

Tables’ centerpieces are a mix of vintage candelabras, blooming tea cups, custom-designed and printed book covers and all of Alice’s famous quotes in frames! A black and white checkered runner, custom-designed and engraved Plexiglas place mats and colorful Goblet glasses completed the setup.

Outside an endless kids’ activities park including Athina’s little shop providing personalized T-shirts, an actual maze with a keyhole entrance –kids loved running inside- and a huge inflated tent where kids enjoyed their lunch on custom printed coloring placemats, colorful plates, cups and napkins.

Absolutely fun and utterly fantastic, this party feels like a dream journey to Wonderland, reminding kids and adults that ‘The Journey Begins with Curiosity’!

So come on! Follow the white rabbit down the hole & enjoy!


Venue: Varkiza Resort

Balloons, Bubbles & Smoke machine: Masterfireworks

Cake & sweets: Papaspirou

Kids’ entertainment & rentals: Δελφινάκια

Flowers: redboxdays.gr

Maze, mushrooms, giant flowers & clocks: YiaPa Studio

Photos: Nantia Panagopoulou