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This modern nymph inspired wedding styled shoot will give you so many ideas for a summer wedding!

There is nothing quite like a warm-weather wedding. The very season evokes everything marriage – a wedlock marks the beginning of a new chapter in our book of life, and Spring is the absolute time of renewal.

Wishing to bring to life all the panache and joy of an all-romantic feminine fete, we drew inspiration from a deeply hearted artist’s works. J.W. Waterhouse delighted in the sensuality of paint and his works are textured with painterly brushstrokes and obvious surface markings of discrete areas of color. His Windflowers, Ophelia, Psyche and Flora & the Zephyrs served as our moodboard to create this Modern Nymph wedding.

No better venue to throw an outdoor affair than the multifaceted Ble Pavillion of Ble Azure in Alimos, the bourgeoning honeypot of the Athenian coast that practically screams al fresco wedding bliss.

We have a soft spot for cascading blooms that can transform a venue into the prettiest of garden parties, warm coralesque tones, dried and fresh florals that embrace the best of all seasons throughout a ceremony and reception. Siding with Redboxdays, Nunzia Anthurium, Phalaenopsis, Matthiola, Anigozanthus, Helleborus, Ranunculus, Kahala Roses, Setaria, Pampas grass, Asparagus and tons of painted dried leaves and foliage created an intoxicating ambiance for our brides.

Modern brides and their bridal parties have also taken a brand-new approach to wedding flowers—particularly bouquets. Instead of carrying traditional bunches of blooms, women are opting for more unconventional iterations. And that is where our hoop wedding bouquet came in. Half-floral arrangement, half-accessory it is the bloom-centric trend that should be just about every bride’s radar right now. The best part is that both brides and bridesmaids can go with this beautiful arrangement instead of the traditional wedding bouquet.

A gold toned arbor was set with floating flowers to drive the in-bloom vibe, while stone based exuberance evoking centerpieces were paired to rattan charger plates, concrete dinnerware, rose-gold flatware, coral-toned linen napkins, and ‘desert’ tint glassware from White Lilac.

One can’t go wrong with spruce white Lace-back leather-cushion chairs and long Monk table from Tore trimmed with cascading light linen to maintain balance between the alfresco and the stately vibe. As winter is finally over and guests are able to mingle, toast, and dance outdoors -which is a celebration in of itself – having a designated area to frolic and enjoy the great outdoors was important to us. For this we employed the laissez-chic of massive Peacock bamboo thrones, lush carpets and pillows over the lawn area.

It would only be expected to pair a spring-nymph inspiration with blossoming invites, yet juxtaposing elements create an even more special feel and keep the entire affair from turning overwhelming. In lieu of flowered paper we went for contemporary suites in bold colors, and minimal letterpress where marble printed vellum envelopes and marble detailing interplayed with our concrete flatware. The personalized place cards with a marble finish can also serve as luxury luggage tag favors which we thought was simply grand.

With so much wedding dessert inspiration available many brides find it hard to stick to one selection of candy for their celebration. We say why not have it all? We worked with Cake couturier Pavlov’s Lab who designed our avant-garde selection of confections set on a console and side table with marble finish. A rough but delicate stone cake, cannoli, marble rough stone cookies, smooth marbled popsicles, religieuse were placed in gold rimmed herbariums and set pretty with gold candlesticks, grey candles and marble orb decorative pieces.

For the ultimate ending to the perfect day, sending off guests with something to remember the festivities by is essential and has wedding etiquette written all over. Sourcing out local borne luxury gifts can have a serious impact on the overall feel, that is why we went for beauty treatment packs for the ladies, and light fabric wraps with decorative Greek marble elements and modern sculpted souvenirs for the gents.

Drawing inspiration from Waterhouse’s palette and following the runway treatment that has more and more brides opting for statement non-conventional wedding fashion, celebrity couturier Katia Delatola dressed our first bride in a Chantilly lace gown combined with rose tulle, feathers, beads and embroidered train, and her beloved in a frill silk muslin gown with embroidered vintage red ribbon and an off white bridal gown with butterfly head-band from the Kinesis collection to evoke the freedom of movement and the spirit of the season. Once Upon A Shoe had whimsy meet fairytale with a pair of glitter pearl crested heels that play with our fashion-loving heartstrings.

Elsa Mouzaki ‘s Queen collection adorned our brides with rhodolite garnet, tourmaline bold rough stones, sure to enthuse fashion-forward thinking esthetes, while Vasiliki Livadiotis went for two juxtaposing nymph makeup and hair looks one dewy and totally ethereal, the other bold and dramatic a nod to this season’s signature wedding looks.

We could not be more grateful to our LOVE bringers The Letter Co who graced our inspiration with neon letters and managed our lighting and sound so artfully, as well as to the documenting teams of the wonderful Nikos Mylonas, our master photographer, Kostis Lagoudakis, George Karavas and Nantia Panagopoulou, and our wedding filmmaker Vasilis Kallinteris who captured the magic ever so creatively.

From the blush corals to some of the prettiest floral installations, if you were on the fence about deciding on the best time to tie the knot, these ideas might convince you to style your spring meets summer fête in elegant abandon.

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Planning, Concept & Decoration, Favors, Invites, Printables: Bon bon studio

Venue: Ble Pavillon

Bar services: Intercatering

Photography: Nikos Mylonas 

Backstage photography:
Kostis Lagoudakis
Giorgos Karavas 
Nantia Panagopoulou

Video: Vasilis Kallinteris

Floral creations: redboxdays.gr 

Furniture rentals: Tore

HMUA: Vasiliki Livadioti

Skincare products: Dos cosmetics

Bridal dresses: Katia Delatola

 Bridal shoes: Once upon a shoe

Jewellery: Elsa Mouzaki

 Tableware rentals: White Lilac

 Cake & desserts: Pavlov’s lab

Wedding letters & neon lights: The Letter Co

 Models: Eva  @eva.fouska & Foteini @fwteinh_staurou from Cristi models agency