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Wedding in the new Covid-19 era

Wedding in the new Covid-19 era

So many articles have been written these days for weddings, social events and Covid-19! The truth is that although we are facing a tough situation, we are in this together!

Our thought is with all our couples that had to make a tough decision…changing their long-anticipated plans. Our heart is with all those couples that decided to postpone and not cancel their big day. We all have to realize- now more than ever- that health is above everything. We all have a common goal, to be healthy and strong in order to be able to celebrate together once more. Plans might need to slightly change, linger or wait, but our goal remains the same. Change the plan not the goal! Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

First off, I assume many of the couples have accepted the fact that they have to postpone their wedding. After solving practical matters like communicating with your wedding planner or any hired vendors, re-booking a date and a venue, rethinking your guests number and lay-out, maybe it’s time to proceed a new social event reality.

On a second note…I am wondering if this new road we are called to travel is so bad after all. I guess just like all things, it’s a matter of perspective. We can just freeze and stay stunned by the newness of the situation or follow the new, uncharted ‘path’ that may lead to a better and more healed world than we ever dared to believe is possible. The same goes with social events that might need to be seen under a new light.

Maybe we decide to celebrate with only the closest and dearest to us and stop following family rules and social commitments. Maybe our decorations become more mindful and cozy in a way that promotes the intimacy of a smaller wedding.

Maybe we could give a better chance to more sustainable weddings with creative decorations, charity support, more eco-friendly and ethically produced materials and more compassion and sensitivity for the ‘next day’.

Maybe we can finally focus on what is important in life and in an attempt to collect precious memories, couples might choose a more intimate travel experience with the closest family and friends rather than large-scale parties. Maybe a mystical chapel, a traditional tavern or an isolated beach begin to sound more appealing than ever.  

Let’s keep a positive attitude, that this new reality will open up a new perspective for a brand new, better world. Keep the faith, we will be able to celebrate again soon!



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