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About Project

An Art party full of inspiration!

I have always thought that Art is everywhere! …And apparently makes a great kids-party theme! I always had my mind on staging an Art party so when Eventful threw the idea out, I was thrilled!

Art has so many aspects, and kids love instinctively every single thing that triggers their imagination and creativity! Treated the space as a big empty canvas, we tried to create a magical scenery with canvases, paintbrushes, tubes, crayons, easels, pallets, empty paint buckets, crates and more! So we setup various ‘stations’, each with different activities like coloring, drawing, painting, sculpting, theater, dancing, handcrafting, even pastry art and each corner was transformed with welcoming workbenches while field-experts encouraged the kids to set their imagination free! So go on, throw that Art party! Kids will love it plus it’s always fun to be messy!

To watch the video click on the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0gFSUnfoDIY


Decoration, concept: Bon bon studio

Coordination: EVENTFUL

Art supplies: ΠΛΑΙΣΙΟ – PLAISIO

Craft & paint supplies: Leroy Merlin Greece

Venue: Polihoros Lolou

Art Workshop: Kouvopoulou Eva Marina (Marva)

Catering & Pastry workshop: Golden Catering

Party supplies: sweebies

Printed supplies: Opaopa Opaopa

Theater workshop: Theatro Retro

Music: George Anagnostopoulos

Photographer: Manos Skoularikos Wedding Photography / capturing moments