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About Project

Α Peter Pan party!

A flight to ‘Never-land’ with EVENTFUL, friends and lovely associates for two sisters’ birthday party !
Personalized invitations, hand-made kids gifts, teepees, an inflated pirate ship, sweet delights and so many activities no kid (or adult) will ever forget!
Enjoy the flight!

Production: EVENTFUL
Decoration/ styling / kids gifts: Bon bon Studio
Graphic design: LUNAinspirations
Printed material:the Design store
Sweet delights: cookie Box
Floral design: Byedem
Catering: Eugeuston catering
Venue: Ktima Erofili
Party accessories: Sweebies
Lemonade stand: Out STAND ing
Kids entairtainment: Delfinakia
Teepees : Teepeelicious
Photographer: picme.gr